Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Orchestra for me?

Absolutely! We’ve got jazz, pops, classical, and more. The diversity of the music we play ensures that there is something for every taste. In addition to our musical variety, the RCO is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all patrons. We request that persons requiring handicap assistance enter through the side doors, and an usher will be happy to assist you inside the auditorium. All ages are welcome to attend our performances. Please consider that young listeners may have a hard time sitting still and quiet for the duration of the concert and may become a distraction to other audience members.

Where do you perform?

The RCO serves as the Regional-Orchestra-in-Residence at Redlands High School in Redlands, CA. We have the privilege of using Clock Auditorium on the Redlands High School campus as our primary performance space. Throughout the year you might also be able to see us out in the community performing one of our educational programs at a local school or library.

What does it cost to attend a concert?

We are happy to provide free admission and free parking as a service to our community.

What’s a good seat?

That’s a great question that we get asked a lot! Lucky for you, there is not a bad seat in the house. Clock Auditorium does not have any pillars or beams obstructing any seated viewing, and the entire hall was built with excellent acoustics in mind, so you get a great sound no matter where you sit. We ask that patrons find a seat at the main floor level of the hall for a blended orchestra sound and an up close and personal view of all the musicians on stage. If a concert features a soloist, you may also wish to consider sitting on the left side of the auditorium to get a better view of the instrumentalist’s fingers or the singer’s expressive face.

I want a particular seat in the auditorium. Is it available?

When arriving when the doors open, you have the option to choose your seat from those still available at the time of arrival on the main floor level of the hall. We ask that patrons remain on the main floor level and not to seat seating in the balcony. After the first piece has started, we invite all patrons to stay in the lobby until an appropriate applause break to find a seat. For more help selecting your seat, do not hesitate to ask an usher, as they would be happy to assist you.

How long will the concert last?

A typical concert will be divided into two halves of 30-40 minutes each with a 15-minute intermission. However, concert-length may vary depending on the length of the pieces being performed.

What do I wear?

We do not have a dress code, and you’ll notice that many of our concert-goers are dressed in a wide variety of clothing. Some come in suits and dresses, others in jeans, and some ready for the beach in shorts and sandles. Just wear what makes you feel comfortable!

When do I clap?

No musician ever objects to applause, but some practices have developed over the years: If it is a single-movement work, like an overture, applaud at the end. If there are several pieces played in a series, like a concerto or a symphony, applaud after the last movement. You can usually keep track of the movements of a piece by following along in your program. A good rule of thumb is that if the conductor is still facing the orchestra, it’s not time to clap yet! If the conductor turns around to the audience, it is most likely the end of the piece. When in doubt, applaud with everyone else!

Can I get a snack or drink at the concert?

At this time there are no refreshments in the lobby open before the concert, throughout intermission or during the post-concert reception. We encourage you to grab a beverage and snack before or after the concert at one of Redland’s best food & drink, just make sure you don’t bring your goodies back to your seat. Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium.

Do I need to know about orchestral music before coming to a concert?

Having a little knowledge about the music being played can only enhance your concert experience, but it is not necessary. Most of our concerts have program notes about the pieces being performed and information about our guest artists that you can peruse throughout the season in your concert program and online. All of our classical concerts will feature a little background info given between pieces during the concert.

Can I take pictures?

We would love for you to document your time at the symphony, just not during the concert itself. When the lights are down, your camera or phone screen is incredibly distracting to those around you. Make sure you silence your phone and electronics and keep them in your pocket. We promise you won’t miss your screen once you see what’s happening on stage! Before and after the concert we encourage you to take a lot of selfies, share your experience, and check in on Facebook, Instagram, etc. #symphonyselfie @redlandscommunityorchetra

Where do I park?

Parking for Clock Auditorium is available on either side of the auditorium (on the east and west sides of South Campus), in the Faculty and Student Parking Lots off of Redlands Blvd and Church Street or the Visitor Parking off of Citrus Avenue. If it’s a nice day, we encourage you to enjoy a walk through the beautiful Redlands High School campus.

Is there anything else I should know?

Make sure you arrive a few minutes early so you can find your seat, turn off your cell-phone, and make a new friend with a neighbor. If you have a question or concern, find an usher or an RCO member, and we will try our best to help.

I still have a few more questions. May I contact you?

We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at or call (909) 747-9726.